Other Services

Emergency Service

Emergency service is described as any wildlife in the immediate living quarters which is in contact with residences. This could be a squirrel running around in the living room, a bat flying inside the home, a skunk wandering in the garage, etc.

Gutter Cleanings

Clogged gutters are a potential wildlife issue. If water damages the fascias they become soft and rot making easy access for wildlife to penetrate. Clogged gutters also invite insects.atw cleans the debris from your gutters and makes sure your downspouts are clear.

Chimney Capping

An open chimney flu is an invitation for squirrels and birds. Once inside, in most cases they can not exit. Raccoons love using chimneys to raise their young. This is not only noisy but unsanitary as feces and urine builds up. We install standard caps.

Habitat Modifications

Location, location, location. Sometimes its just the location of your home that attracts wildlife.
All Things Wild
works with you to help mediate any potential issues that may cause conflicts. This can be in the form of removing wood piles, trimming branches, repairing fences, trimming back foliage, etc.

Exclusions / Wildlife Barriers

All Things Wild
offers 1 year written warranties on all deck exclusions, shed exclusions and bat exclusions. Exclusions prevent wildlife from entering a structure ever again. It is a permanent and superior to solution to your wildlife problem.


When wildlife utilizes your attic, they leave a mess.. Whether it is torn insulation or feces;
All Things Wild
offers clean up services. After the clean up is completed,
All Things Wild
will disinfect and deodorize the area.


Unfortunately, dogs get sprayed by skunk or a skunk sprays too close to your home. This in turn makes for an unpleasant odor in your home. Although circulating air is best for this situation,
All Things Wild
offers deodorizations to help in neutralizing the odor faster so you can get back to your life.


When you call
All Things Wild
, a thorough inspection is given. Whatever damage is caused,
All Things Wild
will bring it to your attention. Chewed wires, rotting roof or wood, cracked foundations, etc. If
All Things Wild
cannot fix it, we will refer you to someone who is licensed and insured to handle the structural damage.

Carcass Removal

There are times when wildlife has been hit by a vehicle, and is then looking for a quiet place to die. This could be your yard or under a deck. Flies appear, and worse, an odor.
All Things Wild
will quickly remove these carcasses for you.

Monthly/Quarterly Services

All Things Wild
offers regular rodent services. Rodent proofing is recommended but cannot be 100% guaranteed. In turn, we offer regular servicing of bait stations and reinspections of problem areas. If traps are used,
All Things Wild
checks and replaces as needed.

Hornet Nest Removal

When you see a grey bowling ball hanging from your downspout, eaves, tree branches, or bushes, it is a hornets nest.
All Things Wild
will treat the hive and remove it from the structure.

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