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Eastern Grey Squirrel

Grey/Flying Squirrels

Grey squirrels can be a problem anytime of the year, but are more of an issue during spring and fall. Spring time marks the season for babies. Squirrels can have up to 3 litters a year. Squirrels take the opportunity to enter attics and use your insulation as nesting material to raise young. While inside, squirrels defecate on insulation and chew electrical or cable lines. Flying squirrels do the same except they are communal (living in colonies) and are nocturnal. Playful critters, flying squirrels can make a lot of noise through the night and disturbing your sleep.
Flying Squirrel
Squirrel - Collingswood
Brown Bat


Protected in NJ, bats can squeeze into structural gaps that lead into your attic or walls. If you have a colony living in your attic, you may have already experienced strange sounds or a pungent odor. Bat guano if allowed to pile up, will eventually form a mold called histoplasmosis. This mold if disturbed will become airborne. Sometimes bats find their way in living quarters. This is considered exposure. Its important to have it removed and tested for rabies as a precautionary measure.
Bat Eating Insect
Bats - Gibbstown


Causing a lot of damage, Raccoons can be a true nuisance. Whether raiding garbage cans or tearing up shingles, Raccoons need to be taken care of before anymore damage occurs. Raccoons love to raise their young in attics or chimneys. Feces builds up causing unpleasant odors.
Raccoon - West Deptford
Raccoon - Bellmawr
Groundhog - Laurel Springs


Groundhogs are vegetarians, eating all sorts of vegetation including garden vegetables and flowers. Groundhogs are excellent diggers, excavating under decks, sheds and near foundations. This tunneling sometimes compromises foundations and structures if left alone.
Baby Groundhogs
Skunk Removal NJ


Besides the obvious reason to have skunk removed, they are great diggers usually leaving divots in your lawn searching for grubs and other insects. Skunk enjoy burrowing in wood piles, under decks or sheds. If not taken care of, skunk will multiply.
Skunk - West Deptford
Skunk - Sicklerville
Skunk - Sewell


Starling and Sparrows become nuisances when they enter exhaust vents to nest and raise young. Usually home owners will find these birds exiting loose or hanging soffits. Pigeons become problems as they roost on ledges and defecating causing an unsightly scene. Also carrying many diseases in their droppings, pigeons can create illnesses if come in contact with it.
All Things Wild
also has solutions for mockingbirds, woodpeckers, barn swallows and more.
White crowned Sparrow
Mallard Duck


On occasion, ducks find a comfy spot in your yard to lay their eggs. Eventually, come ducklings. Unable to fly, the ducklings stay on your property with mama staying near. They use pools as their water source defecating in it.
All Things Wild
removes and relocates the entire family so you can enjoy your pool.
Ducks - Sewell
Mallard Duck Female


Whether black rat snakes, garter snakes or water snakes,
All Things Wild
will develop a strategy to solve your snake problem. Usually the most common snake calls are that snakes are in the yard, in the basement or garage.
Ball Python - Blackwood
Chipmunk - Runnemede


Chipmunks eat bulbs and roots of your flowers and ornamentals. Creating burrows about 3 inches wide, Chipmunks will create a large mound of dirt near the burrows. These critters also at times accidentally enter into living spaces.
Chipmunk - Pitman
Rat - Willingboro


Mice and Rats carry several diseases.
All Things Wild
believes in solving the problem... not just maintaining it. Although no one can ever be 100 percent rodent proof, however, with obvious areas sealed off and a rodent program in place, results can be very effective.
Field Mouse

Other Wildlife Serviced

Muskrats, Beavers, Opossum, Rabbits, Fox, Bobcats, and more.
Muskrat - West Deptford
Opossum - Glassboro
Cottontail Bunnies - Blackwood

Vector Species (Rabies Carriers)

Bats, Skunk, Raccoons Other Potentials: Fox and Groundhogs
Bats - Gibbstown
Skunk - Sicklerville
Raccoon - West Deptford
Groundhog - Laurel Springs

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